Welcome to the home of the Portuguese Radio Network — serving 400,000 Portuguese and those of Portuguese descent in northern and central California. KLBS 1330 AM serves the agricultural San Joaquin Valley and beyond, from Stockton in the north to Bakersfield in the south. Broadcasting from Los Baños, KLBS teams up with its sister station, KSQQ 96.1 FM, to serve the largest Portuguese community in the United States.

Portuguese is the third most spoken western language, behind English and Castilian Spanish

The Portuguese Radio Network draws upon more than thirty years of experience serving its listening audience, dating back to to former KRVE 95.3 in 1974. KLBS was acquired in 1982 and KSQQ came online in 1990. KSQQ broadcasts from the Capital of Silicon Valley, San José, where Portuguese immigrants and their descendants dominate the construction trades; whereas in the San Joaquin Valley, the Portuguese control as much as 60% of the largest dairy industry in the world.

Portuguese is the third most-spoken western language, after English and Castilian Spanish, and fifth overall in the world today. California has prospered from Portuguese immigration since the mid-1800’s. Portuguese-speaking immigrants came from Portugal, the Azores, Madeira, Macau, Brazil, and a dozen other countries and island groups where Portuguese is the primary language spoken.

Realize the value of broadcasting your messages to this economic powerhouse — the Portuguese community of California. Join us today!